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NOC / IT Support Plans

Need professional onsite or remote IT help for your business?

2018 IT Services Rate Card for india based businesses.

  • Standard Business Hours
  • Outside Standard Business Hours
  • India Public Holidays

Standard Business Hours – Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm .

Minimum onsite support – 4 hours.

Minimum remote support – 2 hours.

Fee Per Hour Ex GSTDefinitionExamples
Level 1 Engineer Remote onlyView RatesInitial support level responsible for basic customer issues. Username / password reset, installing / uninstalling basic software applications,...
Level 2 Engineer Remote onlyView Rates Intermediate support engineer. Installations or replacements of various hardware components, software repair, diagnostic testing, utilization of remote control tools to take over the user’s machine for troubleshooting,...
Level 3 Engineer
Remote or onsite
View RatesAdvanced support engineer. Servers and infrastructure issues.
Specialist Engineer
(Only available during standard business hours)
View RatesAn expert engineer on specific solutions and technologies. Cisco, specialised hardware, escalations from level 3,...
Project ManagerView RatesAn expert responsible for planning, executing and delivering technology projects. Deploying new technologies, re-engineering existing systems, managing complex projects,...
Call-out travel feesCharged at cost to client. - -
Emergency call-out fee under 3 days(Standard rate + call out travel fees) x 1.5 Best efforts. -
Emergency call-out fee under 1 day(Standard rate + call out travel fees) x 2 Best efforts. -

Partners and Accreditations

Not sure and cannot find the professional services from the basic support plans above? Need assistance in customizing right professional support services.