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Cloud Ambulance

Cloud Ambulance

When your server is on fire, you rest and we do all the fire fighting for you! Our mission is to protect your production and save it from disaster. This is one of the premier service which needs no prior engagement and service can be availed on demand.

How Cloud Ambulance Works ?

1) Raise a call to our ECS ( Emergency Cloud Survival Team) and email to ecs- ambulance@techclyde.com

2) Our team immediately connects with and signoff a soft NDA with an hourly subscription agreement.

3) We remotely get access to your servers

4) We Work and resolve your issue.

5) We handoff after successful resolution

6) We build a strong relationship.

We offer Cloud Ambulance Service to our existing as well as non-existing customers and help them to resolve Cloud and Server issues during extreme disaster or fire-fighting situation.


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